Preferred Partners

The UOBG has worked to create valuable relationships with partners who range in industries from adhesives and uniforms to computers and software. The UOBG aims to provide a complete array of product and service discounts to its members on both professional and personal levels. The more UOBG members take part in Preferred Partner programs the greater future discounts we will be able to negotiate. The vendors listed on the Preferred Partners page have already been researched and are ready for our members to take advantage of!

If you have a suggestion to expand our preferred partner options please contact us!

UOBG has saved me a tremendous amount of money with no hassle. I highly recommend the buying group to all who, especially, use GAC products. GAC has been great to deal with through the buying group and the other companies have been a pleasure to deal with also. Its a win-win situation for all who belong.

Dr. Milton D Berkman