Partner Selection

The United Orthodontic Buying Group’s objective is to provide all possible products and services to meet the professional and personal needs of the practicing orthodontist. There are several steps involved in partnering with businesses who can provide quality products at the very best prices.

The initial step in establishing a new business partner is to identify a professional and/or personal need which the members of the UOBG wish to have fulfilled. This is accomplished in one of two ways:

  • Suggestions from Members of the UOBG
  • Comments included on the annual UOBG member survey

The market niche is then determined and all appropriate companies are contacted in order for them to offer a pricing proposal to UOBG. The UOBG negotiates the needs of its members relative to the company's proposals. The proposals are then competitively evaluated against each other in order to form the most valuable alliance.

Many times the best pricing proposal is obvious and is chosen as an official preferred partner with the UOBG. A notice is then sent to the all members to inform them of a new and exciting opportunity to extend their access to discount pricing. Should there be any question, the members will be asked to vote on which preferred vendor to select. The vendor who receives the most support from members will subsequently become the official UOBG partner for a given product/service.

No other plan can touch this one for the quality of the materials provided. No matter what your practice volume is, this would benefit everyone.

Dr. Clarence E Simmons