The United Orthodontic Buying Group was born over 25 years ago after members of an orthodontic study club began to realize the substantial volume discounts that existed in the industry. Spreading individual purchasing power around to multiple companies derived only a small and limited benefit, no matter how large the individual practice. The group sought to align with other orthodontists across the nation to take advantage of better opportunities.

The UOBG formed a official agreement to have DENTSPLY GAC be the exclusive provider of orthodontic supplies for its valued members. DENTSPLY GAC has been a strong UOBG partner over the past 10 years. The combination of technological leadership, exceptional value and outstanding customer support has been a tremendous benefit to our members. With such a long standing partnership, a growing number of UOBG members have come to trust GAC’s high quality products.

 Since that time, the UOBG has become the largest and most successful orthodontic buying group in the world. The fundamental concept and objective of the United Orthodontic Buying Group, today and in the future, is to remain committed in serving all the professional and personal needs of the clinical practicing orthodontist.


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Dr. William W Iversen