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Erik Swanson, DMD

Name: Erik Swanson

Position: Doctor

Company/Practice Name: Erik Swanson Orthodontics

City/Location: San Jose, CA

Phone: 408-265-6501

Email: erik_swanson89@yahoo.com

Credentials: DMD MS

Education: DMD- Harvard School of Dental Medicine MS-UCSF

Experience: General dentist in Army and private prior to residency associateships and start up private practice

Bio Summary: Farmer from MN. Took 3 years off between college and dental school where employed as cattle rancher, Hollywood background actor, and singing waiter to finance overseas adventures. Upon graduation from dental school, joined US Army and moonlighted in private practice. Moonlighted again during residency and now have several associateships to support own startup.

Interest: Camping, Fishing, Running with my Weimaraners, Reading books with my girls

Groups/Affiliations:American Dental Society, California Dental Society, Santa Carla County Dental Society